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Donald Trump's 'Unprecedented' Flattery Of Vladimir Putin 'Out-Of-Step': Barack Obama

19 Octubre 2016, 11:23 | Montrel Hermida

Fox Youtube

Fox  Youtube

Putin said that "you are in the presidential pool and you may hear something or see it, talk with somebody, you freely chat on the telephone on open connections", according to the RIA Novosti news agency.

At the same time, he questioned whether the Russian hacks have had "the capacity to fundamentally alter the election" on November 8.

In the NBC interview, excerpts of which were released late Friday, Biden said Washington would respond 'at the time of our choosing and under the circumstances that have the greatest impact'.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov immediately denounced Biden's remarks, saying Moscow would take precautions to safeguard its interests in the face of the increasing 'unpredictability and aggressiveness of the United States'. It was first initiated by South Africa when it invited leading African countries to the BRICS summit held in Durban in 2013.

But for now there is no plan to expand the BRICS.

Russians looking for a stocking filler this Christmas have the chance of spending each month of 2017 with a slightly different version of their leader.

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence is using campaign stops in battleground North Carolina to aid recovery efforts after Hurricane Matthew battered the state's southeast quadrant.

Add in the nontraditional forms of conflict Russia has been perfecting - from cybercrime and proxy hackers to so-called "hybrid" warfare in and around Ukraine - and the question of exactly how to respond without further complicating the security environment is sure to bedevil even a very capable administration. Trump was slated to hold rallies in Colorado.

"None of this has anything to do with Hillary Clinton". The list was included among hacked emails from Clinton's campaign chairman disclosed by WikiLeaks.

The FBI's records of the interviews indicate that Mr Kennedy made that suggestion, but both the FBI and state department said that it was the unidentified FBI official who first raised the idea of a quid pro quo. So far, neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton has articulated a detailed strategy to regain America's footing, and time is pressing.

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